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Wasps: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Finding a wasp nest requires immediate action. As the weather warms, these stinging, flying insects can work quickly to build their nests in the nooks and crannies around your home. Eaves along your roofline are favorite wasp nesting places. Sometimes we’re alerted to the problem by sight of the sound of all that buzzing. More ominously, if you stumble into a wasp nest you’re going to be stung – period. These aggressive creatures will defend their home vigorously and will fight tooth and nail to drive you out. You’ve probably heard the stories of people being stung to death by wasps. For something so small they pack a powerful punch. This article shares some of what we know about wasps in Nevada and what you need to do if you find a nest. Dealing with Wasps If you spot an active nest, you’re going to see the wasps busily building, bringing back food, and flying back and forth. An active wasp nest looks like a superhighway. There is a lot of traffic moving quickly back and forth and all of it is pretty dangerous. Wasps have scouts that go out looking for food. They like sweets, which is why having a picnic with sugary drinks can sometimes turn into a wasp party. Watch out, though, because that one scout will fly back to the nest and share the information...

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What’s Bugging You In Las Vegas? 10 of the Most Common Pests

Pests and humans have lived side-by-side since men and women lived in caves. In Las Vegas, we have a reluctant relationship with the desert animals and bugs that plague our homes and businesses. This article looks at 10 of the most common pests that bug us in and around our state. It’s likely that some of these creatures are living just outside your front door – or under your bed. Five Common Animals to Watch Out for On the Strip There are all kinds of animals on the Las Vegas strip. No, we’re not talking about the partying tourists; we’re talking about the animals living on, around, and sometimes under the strip. We’ve assembled five for you to watch for: Pigeons are a big problem in most cities. They multiply quickly and their droppings are toxic and corrosive. They will next on the ledges of buildings and rooftops, which take the place of natural cliffs where they nest in the wild. Rats are a huge problem in most cities. They are disease harbingers and can contaminate food in their zealous quest to voraciously consume everything in their path. You may not see them, but coyotes are all around us. Coyotes are extremely shy creatures that will raid a trash bin and even capture and eat small pets. Chipmunks can wreak havoc, despite their small size. They can squeeze into...

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Mouse Multiplication: How Fast Can Rodents Breed?

Why is it that even the smallest of creatures can cause the biggest problems? The mice that like to live in our homes are the great American success story. These tiny creatures live right alongside us in our walls and under the floorboards. They grow fat and happy living off the tiny crumbs that drop from our table. And – they breed like crazy. This article looks more closely at what you need to know about the lowly little house mouse, one of the most invasive and prolific pests in the country today. The Truth About Mickey and Minnie Mickey and Minnie mouse would never have been a twosome for long; they would have created babies – and lots of them. Did you know six mice could – and do multiply into sixty mice in about 90 days? It’s how they ensure that their species will continue on, even after the family house cat grows fat trying to wipe them out. Most mice live about one year, so they breed constantly, 365 days a year in order to continue to populate their species. A single female rodent can breed up to 10 litters a year. These litters typically have five or six pups. At one month, these pups can also start breeding; and so on. Once they get into your home they will never, ever stop, so it is...

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What’s That Smell? Smells That Signal a Pest Problem

We train people to look for signs of pest infestation. That could be droppings or chewed paper, scales or debris, or even, in the case of bedbugs, blood on the mattress. From wasp nests to fecal droppings, if some creatures have invaded your living or workspace, we’ll be able to find them and wipe them out. But did you know pest infestations sometimes have an odor associated with detecting the problem? It’s true; sometimes closing your eyes and taking a deep breath can actually let you know you’ve got company before you see any visible signs in the home. Here’s what we’re talking about. The First Smeller is the Feller Let’s start with bugs, which are some of the most common pest invaders we see in Las Vegas homes and commercial properties. Bugs emit pheromones when they become frightened. Pheromones can have a distinct smell; they’re alarm indicators and some of the telltale smelly signs include: A lot of bedbugs in living quarters actually have an herb-like smell of coriander. You may also notice that the feces of bedbugs also smell; it smells a little like an old copper penny. That’s because they live on human blood. Old human blood has a coppery odor – like old pennies. Stinkbugs easily make this list; even their name tells you what they’re known for. Stink bugs are kind of like the...

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Why Would You Need Pest Control?

The title of this article isn’t a trick question. In our last blog, we talked about some of the benefits of having spiders, bats, and birds as a natural pest deterrent. While nature has some interesting ways of keeping some creepy crawlies in check, at what point does human intervention have to play a role in pest eradication. The answer is when a pest population could potentially cause harm to the human population or when it grows unchecked until it becomes a nuisance. Let’s look at some of the real-life reasons why you might need a pest control company to get rid of what’s bugging you. Pesky Pests and Dangerous Pests Pesky pests are the ones that breed in such numbers that they can quickly cause real problems in an around a home. For example, when the nights grow cooler, stinkbugs have a way of squeezing through the tiniest crack in your home and showing up on a wall or a TV screen – or the cat bowl. They are gross little creatures that don’t really cause harm, but when startled, they can emit a powerful lingering odor. In some instances, they can infest an entire area, eating plants and crops and generally causing problems. You’ve heard a lot about bedbugs, those tiny creatures that like to burrow into your mattress, come out at night, and suck your blood....

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