Author: greg

Top Ten Worst Bugs in Las Vegas

For the sheer gross-out factor, it’s hard to decide if spiders outrank scorpions or silverfish are worse than a centipede. We’ve seen them all and have compiled the top ten bad bugs that plague businesses and homes across the...

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Las Vegas Roach Control

Did you know there are more than 20 types of cockroaches in Nevada? If this doesn’t make your skin crawl, you are one tough hombre. The cockroach is one of those creatures that typically make human beings cringe – and rightly so...

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Cockroaches and Asthma

What do roaches and asthma have in common? They can make you very sick. If you or a loved one has ever suffered from asthma, you understand the panic that can come from a blocked bronchial tube. But did you realize that the tiny...

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