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Top Five Signs You Have Bed Bugs

If your skin started to crawl when you read the title of this article, you’re not alone. Bed bugs rank high on the list of creepy crawlies that usually create a negative emotional reaction in people. From a psychological...

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Controlling Fleas in the Home

By the time you notice your dog or cat scratching, it is probably too late. Fleas cause huge problems anywhere there are pets; but you don’t need pets to have fleas. This article examines these nasty little pests more closely...

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How to Select a Pest Control Service

If bugs are bugging you, it is very important to eradicate them as quickly, efficiently, and in the most cost effective, yet non-toxic way. When you think about it, that’s a lot of qualifications to place on a pest control...

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Creepiest Las Vegas Desert Bugs

You don’t need to experience entomophobia, which is the fear of insects to be creeped-out by the bugs you’re going to find in this article. The Nevada desert is home to some of the most interesting, yet disgusting bugs in the...

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