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Humane Pigeon Control

Pigeons are known at “roof rats” in our area, due to their propensity to breed quickly and flock together to take over an area. On the strip, tourists even feed these birds, which can make a patio breakfast a little bit...

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The Spiders of Las Vegas

We bet you thought this post had to do with a new rock band playing on the strip. We wish that were the case. In the desert it turns out homeowners are often plagued by creepy crawling arachnids. The good news is that most of...

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How Does Desert Weather Affect Pests?

The University of Arizona has a very detailed fact sheet on how our weather affects the bugs in our environment. Nevada has some very interesting temperature extremes, and all of them affect the creatures outside your home. Here...

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Termite Troubles in Las Vegas

You may not know this, but, according to Mental Floss, termite damage is one of those problems that your homeowners insurance does not cover. That’s really bad news, because homeowners in the United States spend billions...

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