Eradicating pests, whether it’s bed bugs, termites, scorpions, or mice, can be expensive, frustrating, and stressful. If you’ve ever gone house hunting that’s also a stressful experience, especially if you’re also putting your existing home on the market.

As you’re looking at homes to purchase you probably know the obvious ways to “kick the tires” before buying. Looking for roof tiles that are missing, or spotting lights that don’t work properly can be signs that the home hasn’t been cared for properly. But we bet the signs of a pest infestation aren’t on your list of checkpoints when searching for a new home. Given the pain and suffering that pests can cause, though, it probably should be.

This article will walk you through seven inspection points that will help you spot pests – before you buy.

Top Seven Signs Bugs are a Big Problem

As you’re walking through a new home, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some of the following signs of pest problems:

  1. Look for small dead bug bodies on windowsills or in corners.
  2. Nesting materials such as shredded paper behind the refrigerator. Take a small flashlight with you and look at the back corners inside cabinets for bug bodies, spider webs, or mouse droppings.
  3. Use your nose. Bugs have a musty or oily smell. If you smell garbage in a home, which means there were lots of attractants for bugs in the home. While realtors will attempt to mask this smell, they may miss it entirely.
  4. Look for small holes in the baseboards inside or in cupboards, or holes by the electric or heating/cooling unit. If the caulking around the pipes coming into the home has flaked away, it will leave a small hole for insects and rodents to come inside.
  5. Watch for visible termite holes in basement beams or sawdust.
  6. Ask the neighbors about the home. Were there any issues that affected the property?
  7. Look at the plants and landscaping around the property. Do you see anthills or mole holes? Are there debris piles, which can be hiding grounds for scorpions?

We highly recommend a termite inspection before buying any home. While certain types of loans require these inspections, they are very important because termite damage is often hidden in places you don’t typically look. Too, that damage and undermine the structural integrity of any home. Fixing the problem after it occurs is extremely costly when compared to one simple inspection to ensure there isn’t an issue.

Las Vegas Pest Control – Preventive Pest

 Unfortunately, buying a new home doesn’t let you “try it before you buy it.” If there is a pest inspection that you didn’t spot before the closing, you’re going to be stuck with cleaning up a mess after you move in. Sometimes it’s better to be preventive – and call in an expert. Preventive Pest is standing by with the tools you need and the expertise that will help you make the right choice when buying a new home.