Can Ants Harm Your Garden?

There is still debate in gardening circles as to whether ants in the garden are harmful or a benefit. The truth is that it depends on the species of ant. Some are completely benign. Others can be useful. Still, others can wreck...

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Saving the Bees

Why in the world would a pest control company be worried about the population of an insect that we are sometimes called upon to eradicate? Especially in Las Vegas, where there are particularly aggressive strains of bees in the...

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Turning the Tide on Bed Bugs

Scientists have been studying the stubborn and tiny bedbug to figure out better ways to help companies like Preventive Pest eradicate them. A new study covered in Science Daily suggests that researchers at The Ohio State...

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Whatever Happened to DDT?

Today’s chemical pesticides are environmentally friendly and safe to use in a home with no adverse side effects to the humans and pets that live there. But you may not realize that the chemicals used in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and...

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