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Why Would You Need Pest Control?

The title of this article isn’t a trick question. In our last blog, we talked about some of the benefits of having spiders, bats, and birds as a natural pest deterrent. While nature has some interesting ways of keeping some...

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Animal Helpers in Pest Control

When you think about pest control you probably picture traps, sprays, or other physical deterrents to the rats, pigeons, and bugs that are invading your home. But animals can also be a deterrent for pests. There are obvious...

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Las Vegas Scorpion Control

Scorpions have been around a lot longer than humans. In fact, the species might outlast even the cockroaches as the final creature left standing on the earth one day. DesertUSA says that fossil records containing scorpions’ date...

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Nevada Stink Bugs

Nevada has a lot of bugs hiding in the sands and soil. From scorpions to spiders, bedbugs to fleas, Preventive Pest Control pays close attention to all the creepy crawlies that bug businesses and homes in our state. But the bug...

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Top Ten Worst Bugs in Las Vegas

For the sheer gross-out factor, it’s hard to decide if spiders outrank scorpions or silverfish are worse than a centipede. We’ve seen them all and have compiled the top ten bad bugs that plague businesses and homes across the...

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