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Canine Bed Bug Detection

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying and difficult pests to get rid of. They are small, sneaky, and can easily hide in your mattress, furniture, or carpet. If left uncontrolled, bed bugs can multiply quickly and cause a serious infestation in your home.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Dogs can be trained to detect bed bugs with incredible accuracy. These specially trained dogs are known as bed bug detection dogs, and they can help you identify bed bugs before they become a major problem.

How Canine Bed Bug Detection Works

Bed bug detection dogs are trained to use their powerful sense of smell to locate bed bugs. They are capable of detecting bed bugs in areas that are difficult for humans to inspect, such as crevices in walls, baseboards, and furniture.

The training process for bed bug detection dogs is rigorous and can take several months. Dogs are trained using positive reinforcement techniques and are rewarded when they correctly identify bed bugs. They are trained to sniff out live bed bugs, viable eggs, and shed exoskeletons.

Once a bed bug detection dog has located bed bugs, their handler can take action to eliminate the infestation. Bed bug detection dogs can help homeowners, landlords, and pest control professionals quickly identify the location and severity of a bed bug infestation

Benefits of Using Canines for Bed Bug Detection

Canine bed bug detection has become increasingly popular in recent years as a reliable and effective method for detecting bed bugs. There are several benefits to using canines for bed bug detection, including:


Canine bed bug detection is highly accurate, as dogs have an incredible sense of smell and are capable of detecting even small traces of bed bugs that may be missed by human inspectors. Research studies have shown that dogs can detect bed bugs with a success rate of up to 97.5%, making them a highly reliable detection tool.


Canine bed bug detection is also highly efficient, as dogs can cover large areas quickly and easily. A single dog can inspect a room in just a few minutes, whereas a human inspector may take several hours to complete the same task. Check out this video of one of our Bed Bug Dogs, Scout, at a training session at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort clearing a 2,000 square foot suite in just a matter of minutes!


While the initial cost of using a canine bed bug detection service may be higher than traditional inspection methods, it can ultimately be more cost-effective in the long run. This is because canines are able to detect bed bugs more quickly and accurately, which can prevent costly infestations from occurring.


Best uses of Canine Bed Bug Detection

Canines trained in bed bug detection can be used in just about any application, from small homes up to facilities that are hundreds of thousands of square feet.

Where we see the best application of our bed bug team is for searching large properties with many hiding places for bed bugs.

These properties include:

  • Libraries
  • Call Centers
  • Office buildings
  • Movie theaters
  • Busses, Airplanes, Trains, etc.
  • Hotel rooms
  • Medical facilities

All of these are places that doing a visual inspection could take many hours for a pest control professional, but as you can see in the video above, a dog can search a large area in very little amount of time with very high accuracy.


Our Team

At Preventive Pest Control, our Canine team consists of a handler, Diego Rodriguez, and three dogs that are certified through the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA).

Certified Scent Detection Teams – NESDCA

Our team is standing by for inspections just about 24-hours per day. With multiple dogs, it gives us the ability to search the largest of facilities, allowing for the dogs to rest in shifts so that they can be their most effective.

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Bed bugs have been nearly absent from developed countries for the last 30 years, thanks largely to the effectiveness of long-lasting insecticide products like DDT that were used extensively during the period around World War II.


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