Finding a wasp nest requires immediate action. As the weather warms, these stinging, flying insects can work quickly to build their nests in the nooks and crannies around your home. Eaves along your roofline are favorite wasp nesting places. Sometimes we’re alerted to the problem by sight of the sound of all that buzzing. More ominously, if you stumble into a wasp nest you’re going to be stung – period. These aggressive creatures will defend their home vigorously and will fight tooth and nail to drive you out. You’ve probably heard the stories of people being stung to death by wasps. For something so small they pack a powerful punch.

This article shares some of what we know about wasps in Nevada and what you need to do if you find a nest.

Dealing with Wasps

Wasp control las vegasIf you spot an active nest, you’re going to see the wasps busily building, bringing back food, and flying back and forth. An active wasp nest looks like a superhighway. There is a lot of traffic moving quickly back and forth and all of it is pretty dangerous.

Wasps have scouts that go out looking for food. They like sweets, which is why having a picnic with sugary drinks can sometimes turn into a wasp party. Watch out, though, because that one scout will fly back to the nest and share the information that lunch is served. Wasps are creatures that swarm, so suddenly the news will spread and one wasp can turn into 50. Oddly, we often see wasps drinking from pools in the backyard of our Nevada neighbors. But that’s the last creature you’d like to be sharing a dip with on a hot day.

If you find a nest on your property do not attempt to remove it. Wasps are not like bees that can only sting once. Wasps are capable of stinging until they die, and although they expel all their poison after the first few stings they won’t stop. One wasp is bad, but imagine 50 flying at you, the invader of their home. If you’re allergic to stings, an attack by wasps could cause you serious bodily harm – or even death.

How Preventive Pest Eradicates Wasps

Our teams of trained pest eradicators know how to tackle even the toughest pest problems. We typically use one safe and commonly applied method to help keep you and your family safe from marauding wasps.

Preventive Pest will use an insecticide or pesticide to kill all the insects in the nest. Not only can we safely kill the living insects defending their nest, we can sprinkle or spray around your home to help prevent a secondary infestation. We always recommend that you pick up any dead wasps after we spray and discard them.

Dealing with wasps requires careful treatment of the nesting areas, then removal of the nesting materials. Given the danger of being stung, we highly recommend calling a professional if you notice a wasp nest around your home. Contact Preventive Pest and keep your home and family safe.