This article is probably going to make you a little squeamish. That’s because even we think bedbugs are pretty gross. Bedbugs are the size of a grain of sand and they live off of our blood. You’ll find them just about anywhere humans are nesting, on the corners of our mattresses, in couches, and even, on airplanes. These little insects are masters of hiding and surviving. They’re hard to get rid of and they can travel between locations by simply slipping into a corner of a suitcase.

This article will look at five practices you can take to avoid a bedbug infestation before they invade your home or offices.

Five Tips to Not Let the Bedbug Bite

Bedbugs are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate once they have invaded a space. So, it’s best to practice prevention in order to save yourself a lot of pain and suffering later on.

Here are some of our best tips for avoiding bedbugs:

  1. Be careful about bringing used furniture into your home. While the local Goodwill store may say they’ve cleaned that piece of fabric-covered furniture, it’s still a good idea to look at every nook and cranny – before you bring it home. This is generally why we suggest not purchasing a used mattress. Mattresses are a bedbug’s home of choice.
  2. When traveling, use the suitcase holder instead of putting your suitcase on the bed. This is gross, but before you get settled, pull up the corner of the mattress and look for little bedbug bodies. (Sorry.) This is even at the finest establishment, because, truthfully, bedbugs are everywhere. Even before booking the hotel, we recommend checking consumer reviews to see if anyone was bitten. If you see issues online, try an alternative hotel.
  3. Quarantine your luggage before bringing it in the home. If you’re a frequent traveler, consider packing your clothes in a sealed plastic bag. Leaving your suitcase in the garage, bring your garments straight to the washer on high heat. Remove them from the bag and wash your clothes. Toss out the bag. This is weird, but if you have a garage freezer and there’s room, put the bag in the freezer for a couple of hours. Or, just give your bag a very thorough inspection before bringing it inside. We mean down to the seams – which is where bedbugs lurk.
  4. When using the Laundromat, be alert for bedbugs. While the hot water and high heat dryers can kill bedbugs, those laundry baskets you use to move clothes and the shared folding tables can cross-contaminate your clothes.
  5. If you have red welts in a trail across your body. Or if a child starts itching and complains of a rash, all of your best efforts may have been for naught. Bedbugs are like cockroaches. They are survivors. It takes an expert to kill them off.

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