Pest control companies can provide all kinds of services:

  • They can spray chemicals that will drive out any sort of insect.
  • They can place preventative tools that will deter pigeons from nesting on your roof.
  • They can set traps to help with rodent infestations.
  • They can even counsel you on ways to make your home more pest-proof.

But no matter what type of service your Las Vegas pest control company offers, there are standard things that you should expect from their visit. This article looks at the top seven expectations you should have upon hiring a pest control company and inviting them into your home.

Standard Parts of Pest Control Service

As part of your consultation and estimate, the pest control professional should talk you through their process and answer any questions you may have. They should thoroughly explain any of the preparation you’ll need to do to prepare for their visit. That could mean clearing away and storing food or removing pets. Make sure you follow their instructions to the letter so you’re ready the day they arrive. When they arrive you should expect:

  1. A prompt, on-time arrival to your home. The pest control professional should be respectful of your time. If there is some sort of delay, they should communicate that with you. Many times these vendors will have a window of time in which they will arrive, in case the prior job does run long.
  2. A clean, neat, professional appearance. While it’s true that these technicians can get dirty spraying in a crawl space, they should have a uniform and be very precise and clean with the chemicals they’re using.
  3. A walk-through or inspection of the area to be treated. The technician is looking for changes in the situation that would disrupt the scheduled service. They also should double-check that the homeowner has followed the pre-treatment suggestions and that food has been put away along with pets and children relocated. If there is a problem or a change to the scheduled treatment, the technician must notify the homeowner immediately.
  4. A pre-service discussion of what is about to occur. The technician may ask what pests you’ve seen or if any changes have occurred since you schedule the service. He or she may have you walk around the property to point out any places where you’ve seen pests.
  5. Pest control treatment. The technician will then perform the treatment efficiently and neatly in and around your home.
  6. Recommendations for after the treatment. One of the final steps during a pest elimination and treatment process is to discuss the next steps with the homeowner. It’s important that you understand whether additional treatments are needed, or if additional work needs to be done on your home to prevent additional infestations. For example, did the technician see holes where mice could reenter the home?
  7. A written service report should be provided; detailing what was done during that visit, along with a copy of the service guarantee and any aftercare instructions.

If you don’t feel your current pest control company is following these professional procedures, contact Preventive Pest Control to discuss your options.