As the population around Las Vegas increases, homes are being built to accommodate new residents. As these residents move out further into the desert, a new increase in an old problem is emerging, literally, from the desert sand.


We’re talking about scorpions, and they are, literally, what’s bugging the residents of the northwest side of town.


Stinging Insects Not Welcome on the North Side of Town

Last year, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on this phenomenon, saying that residents moving into the northwest side of town were finding scorpions everywhere. People were being stung regularly, as the cooler spring progressed into the hot summer – the time when scorpions get more active.


Scorpions make their home under the plants that thrive in our hot, arid conditions. Now that the human population is migrating further into their territory, these creatures are making new nests in front and back yards – right where children and pets are exposed to their dangerous sting.


Facts About the Las Vegas Scorpion


There are roughly 25 species of scorpion in Nevada. We believe these creatures, which come from the arachnid (spider) family, have lived for 300 million years. They’re actually an important part of the desert ecosystem, eating crickets and cockroaches – two pests we also don’t want in our homes


Here are some facts about two of the most common varieties:

  • The Arizona Bark Scorpion is the most venomous in the country, and they are all over the Valley. They’re about three inches long but their sting is pretty potent and can cause pain and swelling for up to three days. They are dangerous to pets, the children, and elderly, and deaths have occurred from this tiny but nasty little creature.
  • The Desert Hairy Scorpion is easy to spot; they range in size from five to seven inches. They’re yellow and brown and like to hide under rocks. If you disturb them, they’ll likely aggressively respond; but their sting usually just causes pain and isn’t life threatening, unless you have an allergic reaction.


Getting Rid of Scorpions in Las Vegas


The general rule of thumb is that for every single scorpion you find, there are six more hiding nearby. That’s why we recommend calling a professional pest company to help check for these creatures and make them leave.


Preventive Pest Control starts the process by inspecting your home and making suggestions that include removing debris from the yard where scorpions can hide, keeping grass tightly maintained, and trimming trees away from your roofline to keep the scorpions from jumping on to your roof and scuttling into a vent. Scorpions like to hide in the following nooks and crannies:

  • Attics or crawl spaces
  • Block wall fences
  • Pantries and closets
  • Cracks in brick foundations
  • Bathrooms and in plumbing
  • In shoes and boxes

We can inspect your property, and then develop a barrier to help prevent contact with any members of the scorpion family.


Remember that these creatures can return, so we recommend maintenance visits to help spot and remove the creatures.


So, if you or a member of your family sees a scorpion, back off, and call the expertly trained professionals at Preventive Pest Control.