Pests may be exactly what’s bugging your business. Did you know Preventive Pest Control offers a free commercial pest inspection for businesses in the Las Vegas area?


Our company works closely with hospitality, healthcare, housing, and other commercial businesses to ensure they pass all health code inspections for a pest-free and safe operation. We use best practice scientific methods to assess and respond to commercial pest problems, and we do this work discreetly and professionally.


What are the kinds of situations and treatments that we can help your business with? Let’s look at the top two most common pests that are plaguing the Las Vegas business community.


Las Vegas Bed Bugs


One of the most difficult situations to treat is actually from one of the smallest pests we see – the common bed bug. Bed bugs are, literally, almost everywhere in our city, and every other city on the planet. That’s because, while they were eradicated completely in this country in the 50s and 60s, airline travel has brought these little visitors to a business near you. The pesticides we used to use were very toxic to humans, and have been eradicated in this country. The end result is that bed bugs have returned with a vengeance. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) did a national survey that showed bed bugs are increasing in:


  • College dorms (from 35% in 2010 to 54% in 2011)
  • Hospitals (from 12% in 2010 to 31% in 2011)
  • Hotels and motels (from 67% in 2010 to 80% in 2011)
  • Nursing homes (from 25% in 2010 to 46% in 2011)
  • Office buildings (from 18% in 2010 to 38% in 2011)
  • Schools and day cares (from 10% in 2010 to 36% in 2011)
  • Transportation (airplane, bus, taxi, train) (from 9% in 2010 to 18% in 2011)


These bugs hide in the deepest crevices of your business – even under wallpaper – and it takes several steps to eradicate them completely. They are tenacious, hidden, and can ruin your business faster than you can say, “don’t let the bed bugs bite.”


Las Vegas Roach Motels


The other common creature that we see, both in residences, and commercial facilities, are cockroaches. These beasts cause businesses lots of money each year, both in regulatory fines, and their eradication. Like bed bugs, we know these creatures are hiding in walls and floorboards, coming out at night to feast on anything they can find.


Unlike bed bugs, roaches do harbor and spread microorganisms, bacteria, and protozoa, which cause salmonella and other food-borne illnesses that make people very sick, along with much more serious diseases. Eradication of these pests can include:

  • A free and thorough inspection.
  • Removal of live roaches.
  • Treatment of all inaccessible places where cockroaches live.
  • Treatment of the crevices where these bugs like to hide.
  • Cockroach bait to catch any thing we’ve missed.
  • Insect growth regulators for longer-term control.
  • We can also talk with your team about best practices to help make your business less attractive to pest infestation.


Contact Preventive Pest Control for a 100% free pest inspection of your commercial property.