Pigeons are known at “roof rats” in our area, due to their propensity to breed quickly and flock together to take over an area. On the strip, tourists even feed these birds, which can make a patio breakfast a little bit annoying.

Preventive Pest can humanely remove these featured creatures, clean up the mess, and prevent them from coming back. Let’s look at some of the techniques we use to help keep your home or business pigeon free.

Pigeon Removal and Prevention

 Our goal is to safely and effectively remove the pest – whether it’s pigeons or spiders – and help make your home or business less of an attractive place for these creatures to hang out.

With pigeons, the trick is to make their landing and roosting spots uncomfortable. First, we remove the birds with humane pigeon traps on your residential or commercial properties. If your property is inundated with a flock of pigeons, they must first be safely and humanely relocated. We do not want to use poison; that is not only inhumane; the dead pigeons can be a health hazard to children and pets.

We can remove their nests and clean and disinfect the nesting and roosting sites. Cleaning pigeon waste is an imperative; it can harbor dangerous bacteria and fungi. Typically, wearing appropriate sanitation gear, we use non-toxic enzymatic disinfectants to further sterilize the area after the droppings have been removed.

Then we add some tools that help us keep them from coming back:

  • Bird spikes are almost invisible little prongs that we add to your roofline, windowsills, and ledges, the peaks of roofs – or anywhere these birds have claimed as their own. Despite the ominous name, these do not hurt the birds, just make it more uncomfortable for them to hang out on your property.
  • Screening can be installed under eaves and air conditioners. After we remove nesting and disinfect, we apply heavy-duty screens to prevent the pigeons from reentering the area. The screen won’t rust, and you can even paint it to match the area.
  • Netting, like screening, is a solid bird exclusion tactic that can be customized to fit large areas, such as a balcony.
  • Sonic bird repellants emit noises that scare the birds away, but the human ear isn’t sensitive enough to hear it.

Pigeons are pretty birds, and their cooing is soothing. But a flock of pigeons can be a plague on your business. They can also destroy a roof faster than you can say, “pigeon poo.” Pigeons will nest anywhere there is shelter and shade, and if you have a tile roof, they love to make a home anywhere there is a broken tile. But pigeon waste is caustic and can cause fungi that can damage a roof. These are all good reasons to invite your feathered friends to find a more suitable home as quickly as possible.

Pigeon Control in Las Vegas

 Pigeon control is just one of the services Preventive Pest offers to the residents and business owners of our region. Contact us today – we can stop what’s bugging you.