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The Secret Life of – Pigeons?

Many of us call pigeons “flying rats” because they can spread quickly and cause quite a nuisance, especially around restaurants and businesses where their droppings are not only messy but also toxic. But one documentary, called...

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Top 10 Spring Pests in Las Vegas

Spring in Las Vegas is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the mix of cool evenings and warm days. It’s also one of the worst times of the year for Las Vegas pests. Sometimes it can literally seem like they’re coming out...

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Can Ants Harm Your Garden?

There is still debate in gardening circles as to whether ants in the garden are harmful or a benefit. The truth is that it depends on the species of ant. Some are completely benign. Others can be useful. Still, others can wreck...

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Saving the Bees

Why in the world would a pest control company be worried about the population of an insect that we are sometimes called upon to eradicate? Especially in Las Vegas, where there are particularly aggressive strains of bees in the...

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