Gardening in the desert may seem like an oxymoron. But people love their home gardens and commercial businesses frequently show off gorgeous floral displays in and around their businesses. All of these activities are admirable but unfortunately, pests can invade Nevada gardens just like they do around the country.

This article will look at some common pests in the Nevada garden and how to fend them off.

What’s Bugging You and Your Garden?

While we liked to generally have a “live and let live” attitude toward creatures in our yards, these bugs are the exception to the rule. If they come to live in your gardens, it’s not something you can delay; before you know it, the damage could be dramatic.

Here are some of the common bugs that can invade your Nevada garden:

  • Spider mites are tiny little creatures that live under the leaves of your favorite plant. They thrive by sucking the juice right out of the leaf, living directly off your prized plants and creating a mottled, yellow appearance on the plant. While you can try to raise the humidity of your home indoors, you can’t do much about our dry climate. The best way to get rid of spider mites is to call for help from a professional pest control service.
  • Leaf miners go to work every day digging not for goal, but for the juicy life-sap of your plants. While leaf miners are technically larvae, they are just as destructive as the moths, beetles, and sawflies that they turn into. Look for big discolored blotches on the leaves of the plant. While they don’t usually kill the plant, they can make for a very unpleasant look in your garden.
  • Viburnum Beetles are a big problem in Nevada gardens, eating big gaping holes in the leaves of your plants. This can definitely stunt the growth of your garden plants. It can also make your garden look very unkempt.
  • Tree borers can chew through the roots and barks of trees. They also like to lay their eggs in trees. As you can imagine, the damage they inflict can be devastating to any tree.
  • Ants actually don’t damage plants, but when you see them, you know that other, more damaging insects are preying on your garden.
  • Leaf-footed bugs especially enjoy munching on fruit; discoloration and blemishes will occur.
  • Sowbugs are increasingly evident in hot, dry Nevada. They love eating the most tender shoots in a garden. These creatures are particularly attracted to soft fruits like strawberries. They come out to have their dinner mostly at night.
  • June beetles are large green bugs that like to eat fruit. The immature version of this bug is just as destructive as the adult, eating plant roots, which usually kill the plant.

Preventive Pest Control has the answers to these and other pest problems in your home and office. Our staff of trained professional exterminators understands the urgency of eradicating pests and we conduct this work in a way that is safe and effective. Contact us today!