The title of this article isn’t a trick question. In our last blog, we talked about some of the benefits of having spiders, bats, and birds as a natural pest deterrent. While nature has some interesting ways of keeping some creepy crawlies in check, at what point does human intervention have to play a role in pest eradication.

The answer is when a pest population could potentially cause harm to the human population or when it grows unchecked until it becomes a nuisance. Let’s look at some of the real-life reasons why you might need a pest control company to get rid of what’s bugging you.

Pesky Pests and Dangerous Pests

Pesky pests are the ones that breed in such numbers that they can quickly cause real problems in an around a home. For example, when the nights grow cooler, stinkbugs have a way of squeezing through the tiniest crack in your home and showing up on a wall or a TV screen – or the cat bowl. They are gross little creatures that don’t really cause harm, but when startled, they can emit a powerful lingering odor. In some instances, they can infest an entire area, eating plants and crops and generally causing problems.

You’ve heard a lot about bedbugs, those tiny creatures that like to burrow into your mattress, come out at night, and suck your blood. Interestingly, these creatures do not spread disease, so we list them as a non-dangerous species. But they spread like wildfire, are tough to eradicate, and can cause red welting rashes that itch. They are, in fact, one of the more common problems that Preventive Pest is called upon to eradicate.

Now let’s talk about common pests that can spread disease. Cockroaches are disgusting and pervasive in southern Nevada. Like bedbugs, they’re hard to get rid of and almost always require a professional pest control company to kill them. Unlike bedbugs, a roach can quickly contaminate food and spread diseases like Salmonellosis, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and even typhoid. These bugs can infect utensils and destroy fabric and paper, and for a small bug, they create big health problems for humans.

Nevada Scorpions are also a dangerous pest that should be eradicated. Think of a scorpion as a spider on steroids; they’re a member of the arachnid family and some of them pack a hefty sting that could send you to the hospital. The Arizona hairy scorpion has crossed the border into Nevada and they are aggressive. But they’re not as powerful as the Bark Scorpion, which has the most powerful venom of any of the species in North American. One sting can cause severe pain lasting up to three days, limb numbness, and convulsions.

Why Preventive Pest 

These are just a few of the creatures that live in the desert around us. But when they make their way onto our property, it’s usually time to call in the troops. Preventive Pest Control has chemical and non-chemical solutions that can halt both pesky and dangerous creatures in their tracks, keeping your home and family safer, cleaner, and better protected from disease and injury.