We train people to look for signs of pest infestation. That could be droppings or chewed paper, scales or debris, or even, in the case of bedbugs, blood on the mattress. From wasp nests to fecal droppings, if some creatures have invaded your living or workspace, we’ll be able to find them and wipe them out.

But did you know pest infestations sometimes have an odor associated with detecting the problem? It’s true; sometimes closing your eyes and taking a deep breath can actually let you know you’ve got company before you see any visible signs in the home.

Here’s what we’re talking about.

The First Smeller is the Feller

Let’s start with bugs, which are some of the most common pest invaders we see in Las Vegas homes and commercial properties. Bugs emit pheromones when they become frightened. Pheromones can have a distinct smell; they’re alarm indicators and some of the telltale smelly signs include:

  • A lot of bedbugs in living quarters actually have an herb-like smell of coriander. You may also notice that the feces of bedbugs also smell; it smells a little like an old copper penny. That’s because they live on human blood. Old human blood has a coppery odor – like old pennies.
  • Stinkbugs easily make this list; even their name tells you what they’re known for. Stink bugs are kind of like the skunks of the bug world. Their job, if they get frightened is to scare you off by stinking up the place. In the fall these creatures seem to literally come out of the woodwork. Cats like to chase stinkbugs so the next time you pick up your kitty and her head smells funny, you know she’s been hanging out with a stinkbug.
  • Roaches also smell kind of greasy or oily. It is a very distinctive smell and many times people don’t recognize the infestation because roaches are masters at hiding until the lights go out. The bad news? You won’t notice the smell until the roach population has literally exploded.

Now let’s talk about the bigger creatures that like to visit our homes. Rats are notorious for smelling strong, like ammonia. That’s a urine smell that you absolutely do not want in your home. Mice also emit a urine scent that’s also kind of musty. Mice and rats actually have territorial markers, which will make the smell even worse.

Of course, if one of these creatures has died in your crawlspace, you are going to know immediately that there is a problem. If you’re at all concerned you have a pest problem, please call us for a free pest control estimate. We will not only do a thorough inspection of your home or commercial property, searching for the telltale sign of rodents and bugs, we will also follow our noses to see if we can ferret out what’s bugging you.

Kicking out the invader is job one, and Preventive Pest is standing by to help you reclaim your home or business. Contact us today. We can help