For the sheer gross-out factor, it’s hard to decide if spiders outrank scorpions or silverfish are worse than a centipede. We’ve seen them all and have compiled the top ten bad bugs that plague businesses and homes across the Las Vegas valley. Identifying these pests is just the first step in our life-long ambition to eradicate these bad bugs from your home or office.

Bad Bugs in Nevada

  1.  Spiders are arachnids, which mean two body sections, eight legs, and no wings characterize them. They like moisture so in the desert many times that means in and around your pipes and in the crawl spaces of your home.
  2. Ticks are high on the gross-out list because they live on the blood of mammals. That could mean you – or your pet. They are tiny when not engorged with blood, which makes them hard to spot.
  3. Silverfish are a common home pest that can grow at least an inch long with bristly appendages on their front and rear. While harmless, they’re scurrying can make most homeowners climb on a chair to get away.
  4. Bees, wasps, and hornets are dangerous to humans and pets. Certain types of bees can be extremely aggressive when crossed. If you spot a nest, be safe, and call us right away.
  5. Bed bugs are another small creature that lives on blood. They like to live in places where humans sleep and sneak out at night for their feast. Bed bugs are particularly difficult to eliminate and very easy to catch.
  6. Fleas rank as high as bed bugs when it comes to listing the toughest bugs to get rid of. That’s because you may not even notice these tiny insects until they bite you or a pet and the itching starts.
  7. Scorpions technically fall into two pest categories: stinging insects and spiders. Scorpions are from the arachnid family and like to live in dark enclosed spaces, like an outbuilding or outdoor debris pile.
  8. Jerusalem Crickets are big, startling bugs with a large head and beady insect eyes. They’re commonly called potato bugs and they live in the desert. These insects will bite when cornered but they don’t produce venom.
  9. Stink bugs like to walk into your home when the weather starts to cool. You will know these bugs when you see – or smell them. They give off a distinctive odor of, well, stink, when they are threatened. Their backs are shaped like medieval shields but their biggest defense is that smell.
  10. Ants are everywhere, but when they’re in the home they are very tough to get rid of. That’s in part because the nests can be built under the floorboards or in the walls of a home. If you have a persistent ant infestation, it’s always recommended to call a professional for help.

Las Vegas Pest Control

 If you have a pest infection, the good news is there is a company that has experience eliminating all of the top ten bad bugs on this list! Contact Preventive Pest Control today if you have the telltale signs of infestation.