Pests and humans have lived side-by-side since men and women lived in caves. In Las Vegas, we have a reluctant relationship with the desert animals and bugs that plague our homes and businesses. This article looks at 10 of the most common pests that bug us in and around our state. It’s likely that some of these creatures are living just outside your front door – or under your bed.

Five Common Animals to Watch Out for On the Strip

There are all kinds of animals on the Las Vegas strip. No, we’re not talking about the partying tourists; we’re talking about the animals living on, around, and sometimes under the strip. We’ve assembled five for you to watch for:

  1. Pigeons are a big problem in most cities. They multiply quickly and their droppings are toxic and corrosive. They will next on the ledges of buildings and rooftops, which take the place of natural cliffs where they nest in the wild.
  2. Rats are a huge problem in most cities. They are disease harbingers and can contaminate food in their zealous quest to voraciously consume everything in their path.
  3. You may not see them, but coyotes are all around us. Coyotes are extremely shy creatures that will raid a trash bin and even capture and eat small pets.
  4. Chipmunks can wreak havoc, despite their small size. They can squeeze into gaps in garages and raid bird food and dig aggressively in the yard.
  5. Rattlesnakes are extremely dangerous and they like to hang out in the hidden quiet spots under yard debris around our homes.

Now let’s look at some of the smaller, but just as invasive, pests that like to invade Las Vegas.

Five Common Bugs that Bug You

Invasive bug species are a serious problem in the desert. You’ll find some aggressive and prolific creepy crawlies all up and down the strip. They include:

  1. Bedbugs are tiny blood-sucking creatures that live in the folds of your mattress. These creatures are very hard to eradicate and they are causing big problems from hotels to homes all over the country.
  2. Scorpions come out at night and can deliver a dangerously painful sting to anyone that stumbles across one. When scorpions invade a home it requires immediate intervention by a trained professional pest company.
  3. Fleas are very easy to transmit from pets to people. Like bedbugs, they are extremely difficult to eradicate. Like bedbugs, they also live on blood. Unlike bedbugs, they transmit disease.
  4. Wasps and hornets can nest under outbuildings or in the ground, posing a serious threat to humans and pets. These colonies of flying stinging insects can pursue anything that they perceive as a threat and stink them, sometimes to death.
  5. Desert Spiders are nothing like the spider from Charlotte’s Web. In Las Vegas, we have the brown recluse, the western black widow, and the brown widow. All are extremely dangerous.

These are just some of the creatures living alongside us in Las Vegas. Contact Preventive Pest Control to seek help from infestations of any creepy crawlies critters and take back control of your home and business.